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A Comparable Sale Database for Commercial Appraisers
Programmed for commercial real estate appraisers, Vcomps32 is a corporate/private database skeleton for storing comparable sales including Apartment, Commercial, Industrial, Land, Lease, Lodging, Mobile HP, and Rent Survey. And now, VComps32 has a new look; but more that that, it has been completely redesigned from the bottom up: Version 3 is the newest version available of this highly comprehensive and popular software. It is available for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0, and there have been no reported problems on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7. And it's free!

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During installation, you may receive a message that your system already has the file that the installation program is attempting to copy and that the version you have on your computer is newer. The installation program asks if you want to overwrite the newer file with an older version. CHOOSE NO. Never replace files on your PC with older versions of the same files.

Assuming that Microsoft maintains backward compatibility, Vcomps should run with the newer versions of the files that may already be present on your PC.

Vcomps32: Screen Shots.

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search results

location manager

data entry

long search


Download Vcomps32 Now!

- Select & View Multiple Comps Simultaneously
- Conduct & View Results of Multiple Searches
- Edit & Preview Multiple Comps
- Edit Photo addenda Simultaneously
- Retrieve & Integrate Comps Seamlessly into Reports
- Paste an Entire Comp into a Word Processing document
- E-mail Comps to Other Vcomps Users
- Create Up to 9 Pages of Photo Addenda

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